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Currently out of town
April 16th-28th


Please allow 1-2 business days for a response, Thank you!


Helpful tips for your message to Chef Molly:

  • What dates are you interested in? 

  • How many people is this for?

  • Does anyone in you party have any allergies?

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Vacationing on Anna Maria Island?

Celebrate you time on the island with freshly made meals that can be customized to your families needs. Tell us a little bit about your trip and what you are looking for and Chef Molly will be happy to help.



Molly catered Thanksgiving dinner for our crowd of 17 adults on Anna Maria Island. That allowed us to enjoy the day swimming, biking, etc. rather than being stuck in the kitchen while on vacation. We selected from her on-line menu in advance, choosing turkey, five sides and three pies. The food was delicious and beautifully prepared. We had sophisticated "foodies" in our group, and even they thought the food was excellent.

— Nancy

Traveling Gourmet

P.O Box 1476

Anna Maria FL, 34216-1476


Phone: 941-405-7627



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