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Valentine's Day Treats

Chocolate hand dipped cake pops

                                   One Dozen $30



Assorted Chocolate Truffles

                                   One Dozen $45

Let Traveling Gourmet deliver Valentine's Day treats to your sweetheart this year. All our treats are hand made to order.


We offer free delivery to Anna Maria, Bradenton and Longboat Key. 

Traveling Gourmet would love to entertain you!


Chef Molly can cater any of your events such as, holiday parties, baby showers, BBQs, birthday dinners, anniversaries, cocktail parties, wine dinners and so much more.


Kick back, relax and have a served dinner. Choose between 3 and 5 courses.


Call or go online to have us create memorable food for your event.



Don't waste time at the grocery store! Go online or call to fill out a shopping list and have your groceries delivered to your door.


Specify bands, sizes, amounts and pick a delivery time. It doesnt get easier than that.


My grocery shopping service is designed for everyone, the vacationer or busy family, so free up your day!


Shopping fees listed below

Too busy to cook everyday?

Try my prepared meals service where you can get healthy, fresh meals. From decadent and exotic to comforting and classic.


Meals can be prepared right in your own home or delivered.


Menus and meal packages are customized to fit your tastes and needs.


Sample packages are listed below


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